Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Five #LifeHacks for Living With Pets in an Apartment

Make Sure Pets are Happy and Healthy in Apartment Communities

Many people consider dogs and cats a member of their family.  Apartment communities may be "pet friendly", which means that residents can reside in their apartments with pets.  Below are five #lifehacks specifically for living with pets in an apartment community:

1) Pet Exercise: Whether a long-time or first-time pet owner, it is important to understand that many pets, especially cats and dogs, need exercise to stay happy and healthy.  Apartment residents may not have a backyard that pets can explore, so it is important to research local parks or green areas nearby to explore with a pet.  Residents should make sure their dogs are getting enough walks during the day.  In addition, cat owners should set up a "cat tree" or scratching post in an area of the apartment so cats can scrape their claws when needed. 

2) Routines for Pets: All pets like routines, so apartment residents should try to establish a daily routine for dogs and cats and stick to it.  This can include setting up a regular walk time for dogs.  For cats, this can include cleaning out the litter box the same time every day and setting out wet food at the same time as well.  

3) Pet Noise: Pets will occasionally make noise.  Living in an apartment, it is important to understand the many apartment communities have "quiet hours" or "courtesy hours" in place in regards to excess noise made during the nighttime.  Apartment residents who are pet owners need to remain cognizant about any loud barking or meowing that occurs at night.  Try to soothe pets at night with pats or treats to reduce any excess noise. 

4) Community Amenities: Many apartment communities have amenities specifically for pets.  Apartment residents should ensure they use these amenities!  This can include pet grooming stations to wash away dirt after outdoor runs.  Some communities will also have pet parks or dog runs exclusively for residents to use.  Communities that are pet friendly may set up residents events where pets are welcome, such as "yappy hours". 

5) Neighbors with Pets: Looking for a way to meet neighbors?  Neighbors may also have pets!  When out walking the dog, it is a nice gesture to greet and meet other dog walkers around the apartment community.

Have other tips for caring for pets in an apartment community?  Comment below to let us know!

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