Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Why Pet Schedules Are Important for Apartment Residents

Advice for Pet Parents Living in Apartment Communities

For pet parents who are also apartment residents, finding a pet friendly apartment community is a must.  While many apartment communities are pet friendly, pet owners need to ensure that their pets are well cared for in order to not disturb neighbors and other members of the community.  No one wants to hear a dog barking or a cat clawing at the door at 3 a.m.  A great way to care for pets when living in an apartment community is by sticking to a schedule.  Pets love consistency!  Learn a few scheduling tips below: 

Remember Feeding Times

Cats and dogs can become antsy if they don’t know when they are getting their next meal.  Pick a certain time during the day to set out wet food and provide treats so pets know exactly when to expect their dinner.  Some pet parents may choose to leave out dry food throughout the day so dogs and cats can eat at their leisure.  It is also a good idea to set out a bowl for water when not at home so pets remain hydrated.

Exercise and Play Regularly

Just like people, pets are restless without time to play.  Dogs and cats can become lonely when their parents are out all day.  Maintain a daily time to play and exercise with your pet.  Set up regular, frequent play time with dogs so they can learn exactly when they will get to go outside.  Establish a time in the morning or evening to play with a cat as to limit the amount of time a cat will run around aimlessly throughout the day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Three Easy Tips to Personalize Your Apartment Without Making a Permanent Change

No matter which Grady Management community you choose, it’s important to make your new apartment feel like home.  Whether you have rented a studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment, you will want to make your space functional and stylish.  It may not be your house, but there are a few easy steps you can take to immediately personalize your apartment without permanent changes.

Painting the Walls Without Actually Painting the Walls

Temporary wallpaper is becoming more and more available, which is amazing if you’re looking for a chic patterned wall or if you want to add a bit of cool texture with a brick look.

But what if you just want a solid color? Did you know they make PAINTABLE temporary wallpaper? That’s right - you can go to the hardware store and pick any one of those thousands of paint colors!
Bold paint colors can go a long way to transform any rental space, but if you’re looking for a more dramatic change, it’s more possible than you think!  Grady Management will let you paint IF you paint it back before you leave, so pick out some new wall colors! 

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the perfect way to enhance your space with minimal effort and instant visual impact.  You can use area rugs to soften the touch of hard flooring, and as a bonus, area rugs will also help absorb sound so there’s less echo and noise all around.  Your neighbors will appreciate your efforts as well!  Already have carpet throughout your apartment?  Try adding an area rug on top of the carpet.  This will give you a customized look to match your style and make the room feel more intimate.  By adding a rug to your living room that matches your sofa or pillows, this visually pulls the room together and makes your pieces look more cohesive.