Tuesday, May 28, 2019

#LifeHacks: Staying Fit & Active In Warm Weather!

Now that the weather is warming up exercising outside can present a little challenge. While temperatures rise up, exercisers can experience heat exhaustion and even dehydration staying under the sun's rays. Here are a few tips that will keep you staying fit and active in the warm weather:

Go Outside and Play!  There is plenty of time to be cooped up inside so advantage of the warm weather and get outside! Nature has been proven to have a great impact on our mental and physical health. Activities ranging from riding a bike, rollerblading, hiking, or kayaking. Whatever you may choose, make sure you are doing it outside soaking up Vitamin D and mother nature.

Workout in the Morning.  When living in an apartment community, residents can utilize their community buildings, neighborhood parks and trails for a morning run. So set your alarm a bit earlier and get your workout done first thing in the morning. By doing this, it revs up your metabolism for the remainder of the day, and also gets those happy endorphins flowing. If you keep doing this day-after-day, it can eventually become a habit that will change your life!

Drink lots of Water.  Always remember to stay hydrated while you're out having fun. Drinking several amounts of water in between activities, excising and being under the sun will assure a healthy, balanced body and mind!

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