Friday, January 10, 2020

#ApartmentHacks: 6 Kitchen Appliances for Apartments with Multiple Functions

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the key to making a kitchen function like a well-oiled machine! Small kitchen cooking appliances that come with multiple functions are the perfect cooking tools to use. This appliance will be able to replace a few cooking devices you have plus it saves your storage space.
These six multi functional kitchen appliances offer versatility and modern convenience for hassle-free home cooked meals.

Hot Air Fryer

The air fryer is similar to a mini oven. It has a removable cooking basket which is dishwasher safer. Numerous brands have create their own versions of the air fryer, some coming with accessories such as the the baking tray, variety basket, grill pan etc. These accessories greatly expand the cooking capabilities of the frying cooker. Some air fryers come with rotisserie feature which will allow you to roast a whole chicken! The air fryer has become a huge trend of 2019 allowing consumers to grill, bake, fry or roast. But the greatest advantage of the air fryer cooker is its oil less feature. You'll still get the same effect of a juicy chicken or crispy fry just with no oil! 
Pro tip: It's also great for reheating leftover food.

Electric Rice Cooker

The versatile rice cooker comes with so many functions other than making rice. The modern computer-controlled rice cooker has a fuzzy logic feature that will adjust the cooking mode to to type of rice used. You can cook porridge, boil soup, stew, steam and even make cakes and break. It is very easy to operate with its one push operation. 

Electric Toaster Oven

The modern electric toaster oven does more than toasting bread. You can use it to roast,toast and broil. Modern toasters come with digital controls and hourly controls. You can cook bagels, pizza, bread, chicken, frozen snacks etc. You can also fit a whole 12" pizza. The toaster convection oven is truly convenient and versatile. 

Multi Functional Grill/Panini Press 

This machine cooks your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the most fuss-free way. It has a smooth flat surface that is great for making eggs or bacon and even sausages and pancakes for breakfast. The raised ridges of the surface of the grill is great for grilling your steaks and chops for lunch or dinner. It also comes with an adjustable temperature control. Imagine grilling some burgers on this year round!

Slow Cooker

The set-and-forget slow cookers are extremely easy to use. Out in the food ingredients, press a button or turn a knob and the food will cook slowly inside the cooker. You can also use this to make desserts such as bread pudding. Once the food is cooked, it will set to keep warm function. This is easy automatic cooking at its finest! Go got the 6qt capacity slow cooking if you're cooking for more than 5 people. 
Pro tip: If you want to use this, start cooking a few hours ahead of time!

Instant Pot

The instant pot is a programmable pressure cooker. You use 70% less energy and yet cook 2-6 times faster compared to using the traditional pots and pans. It is truly versatile. It can replace your pressure cooker, slow cooker, skillet, pan, etc! That's over 6 appliances. Just think of the space saved. Being fully sealed under pressure, there is no smell or oil vapor escaping from the pot. Your kitchen will become cleaner compared to using the traditional pot. You can cook rice in it, saute your meat, stir fry your vegetables, steam your baby corns, slow cook your stew etc. This is very handy appliance that will take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is very fast, efficient and energy saving. 

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