Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a good idea for just about anyone who rents. That’s because your landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover your personal liability or put a roof over your head if your place becomes uninhabitable.

If you've never taken inventory of your belongings, even just mentally, and assigned a price tag to what you own, you might be surprised at the tally. Even if you feel like you don't own anything of value, even simple possessions can add up to a dollar figure that might pose a huge burden if you were forced to replace it all at one time.

This alone should give you cause to look deeper into obtaining renters insurance. Fortunately, renters insurance isn't particularly expensive, and compared to writing a check to replace all your possessions it becomes a fairly insignificant monthly cost.

Getting the Insurance You Need

When considering purchasing renters insurance, there are a few steps you should take and some things you should keep in mind along the way.

  • Get Online Quotes
Shopping online is a great way to get the insurance you need. Many websites give you the ability to customize your insurance policy, giving you the power to determine for yourself how much insurance you want from the privacy of your own computer.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Five #LifeHacks for Living With Pets in an Apartment

Make Sure Pets are Happy and Healthy in Apartment Communities

Many people consider dogs and cats a member of their family.  Apartment communities may be "pet friendly", which means that residents can reside in their apartments with pets.  Below are five #lifehacks specifically for living with pets in an apartment community:

1) Pet Exercise: Whether a long-time or first-time pet owner, it is important to understand that many pets, especially cats and dogs, need exercise to stay happy and healthy.  Apartment residents may not have a backyard that pets can explore, so it is important to research local parks or green areas nearby to explore with a pet.  Residents should make sure their dogs are getting enough walks during the day.  In addition, cat owners should set up a "cat tree" or scratching post in an area of the apartment so cats can scrape their claws when needed. 

2) Routines for Pets: All pets like routines, so apartment residents should try to establish a daily routine for dogs and cats and stick to it.  This can include setting up a regular walk time for dogs.  For cats, this can include cleaning out the litter box the same time every day and setting out wet food at the same time as well.  

3) Pet Noise: Pets will occasionally make noise.  Living in an apartment, it is important to understand the many apartment communities have "quiet hours" or "courtesy hours" in place in regards to excess noise made during the nighttime.  Apartment residents who are pet owners need to remain cognizant about any loud barking or meowing that occurs at night.  Try to soothe pets at night with pats or treats to reduce any excess noise.