Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Time Saving Tips for Apartment Residents to Remember in 2018

Ways to Save Time When Living in an Apartment Community

Think about the 2018 year: it just started, but there is a lot to do.  New resolutions have been made and goals have been set.  This time of year, it may seem like a bother to waste unnecessary time when there is so much to get done.  When living in an apartment community, residents can easily save time by following three simple steps:

1) Pay rent online: Many apartment communities allow residents to play rent online from any computer, tablet, and/ or mobile device.  This can save a lot of time, as residents no longer need to stop by the leasing office to drop off rent checks.  Even more time can be saved if residents set up automatic, recurring rent payments online.  Grady Management offers online rent payment options at all of our communities.  Learn more online.

2) Submit online service requests: Garbage disposal not working?  Tub drain a little slow?  Blinds a tad askew?  One great benefit of living in an apartment is that the community maintenance team is around and available to assist in home maintenance.  If any appliance needs adjusting, it takes a quick phone call, correspondence, or visit to the leasing office to fix it.  Some people prefer phone call communication or in person visits.  But it saves a lot of time to submit service requests online.  Many apartment communities provide digital service request forms allowing residents to specify what the service request for, what room it is located in, etc.  Grady Management offers an online service request form on our the official website.

3) Contact community team online: Apartment residents often have questions or comments about their apartment communities and the community team members are happy to assist!  In addition to phone calls and office visits, many communities have emails and to online website forms that residents can easily complete and submit.  These forms are sent directly to community team members for response.  On the Grady Management website, the Contact Us form is located here

Do you have time saving ideas for apartment residents to try in 2018?  Comment below to let us know!

Apartment Resident #LifeHacks was created in 2018 by Grady Management, Inc.  Grady Management was founded in 1965 and continues to provide a full service residential, commercial, and consulting real estate firm in the greater Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area.  Learn more from our website or Facebook page.

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