Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Apartment #LifeHack: Three Shopping Cart Hacks

The Folding Shopping Cart is One of the Most Useful Tools in an Apartment Community

For apartment residents that are constantly on the go, try investing in a folding shopping cart!  Small, compact, and portable- the folding shopping cart can assist those who live in apartments in multiple ways, including:

1) Grocery shopping: For those who live near grocery stores or shopping centers, spend nice days walking over with the cart and, subsequently,  save on gas.  Carts come in various sizes and are perfect for picking up several odds and ends at the local grocery or  drugstore.

2) Moving larger items into an apartment: Want a simple way to move bulkier items into an apartment building?  Investing in a folding shopping cart can alleviate moving stress.  Simply load any big items or boxes onto the cart and push into the elevator or down the hallway.

3) Doing laundry: For apartment buildings or communities with laundry rooms, don't overlook the value of a personal shopping cart.  Load dirty clothes and/ or hampers right into the cart to wheel into the laundry room or fold clothes right from the dryer and stack into the cart for easy transportation.

Apartment Resident #LifeHacks was created in 2018 by Grady Management, Inc.  Grady Management was founded in 1965 and continues to provide a full service residential, commercial, and consulting real estate firm in the greater Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area.  Learn more from our website or Facebook page.

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