Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Three Tips When Lighting Candles This Winter

Ensuring Candles Are Used Appropriately This Season

The winter season will begin in less than three weeks!  This season, many apartment renters may be interested in lighting candles in their home to add some cozy decor and lighting.  That being said, renters need to understand that many leases contain notices about the "responsible use of candles" that renters sign prior to their move in to their homes and/ or communities.  Below are three ways to ensure the responsible use of candles:

The most important tip for renters is to ensure to never leave candles unattended.  Renters should not leave the apartment if a candle is burning, even if it is a quick trip to the laundry room, trash room, or leasing office.  This also includes only lighting candles in rooms currently occupied.  When using the television in the living room, for example, don't leave a candle burning in the bedroom or kitchen.  The candle/ candles being used should always be within eyesight. 

In addition, never leave candles burning near any item or decor that could potentially catch flame.  This can include drapes, tapestries, and more.  Always watch children and/ or pets when candles are lit, too.  Some pets may need to be secured when candles are lit to avoid potential collisions. 

Last, renters should make sure to maintain candles.  Candles should be thrown away when two or less inches of wax remain.  The candle wicks should be trimmed regularly to ensure the wicks can easily be lit.  When extinguished, the candle lid should be placed firmly on top to ensure the flame fizzles out completely. 

Before purchasing and/ or using candles, check in with the landlord or apartment community team to learn any additional candle rules and regulations.

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