Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 Most Popular Apartment Resident #LifeHacks

Favorite 2018 Tips for Apartment Residents

With the 2018 year ending in less than two weeks, this will be the last Apartment Resident #LifeHacks post of the year!  Thank you to those who read and enjoyed the blog this year.

For this post, the Apartment Resident #LifeHacks team shares three of the most popular posts from the last year:

1) The Benefits of Renters Insurance: This post, published in February, details several reasons why renters should obtain renters insurance.

2) Three Time Saving Tips for Apartment Residents to Remember: In this blog post, published in January, renters are provided with several tech savvy ways to save time, such as submitting service requests online.

3) Five #LifeHacks for Living With Pets in an Apartment: This post, published in February, includes ways to care for cats and dogs in shared apartment communities.  

 Visit Apartment Resident #LifeHacks in 2019 for new tips and posts specifically for apartment residents.

Apartment Resident #LifeHacks was created in 2018 by Grady Management, Inc.  Grady Management was founded in 1965 and continues to provide a full service residential, commercial, and consulting real estate firm in the greater Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area.  Learn more from our website or Facebook page.

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